The Joint Intelligence Virtual University is a new major training resource. JIVU can be access by anyone with access to INTELINK-TS ( or INTELINK-S ( Once arriving on the site you can take a �tour� and then register so that you can have full access. There will always be an index of the website in the far left column or at the bottom of your screen to make it easy for you to get around while working on courses.

The index includes: �Home; Catalog; Administration; Student Lounge; Library; Notepad; Feedback; Help; External Training; Fas Trac; JPIC; Submit Course; and Logout.�

When you click on �Catalog� you will see a list of intelligence and intelligence related courses that you can take. When you click on Fas Trac you will have access to commercial courses from Skillsoft and NETg. Skillsoft allows you to chose from scores of courses focused on a wide range of business and professional development skills such as management, leadership, interpersonal communications, finance, marketing and others (There may be some limitation on Skillsoft courses you can take until DIA purchases additional access from the vendor.) NETg allows you to chose from a wide variety of Information Technology courses and is fully available now. Plans are underway to add many more intelligence courses, make Skillsoft courses fully available to those outside of DIA.