DCIPS Policy: Conditions of Employment

Conditions of Employment

CIPMS AR-690-13, paragraph 4-6 mandates all conditions of employment require a statement of understanding and must be communicated to employees and applicants and agreed to in writing prior to employment or assignment to a CIPMS position.

Conditions of employment will be imposed when required by law or regulation, or when determined by appropriate management authority to be in either the interest of national security or mandatory for effective performance of the position assigned.

A copy of the Statement of Understanding on conditions of employment should be maintained in the employee’s Official Personnel Folder. Failure to attest to the specified conditions of employment will be grounds for withdrawal of an employment offer.

Examples of possible conditions of employment:

Bullet Logo Obtain and maintain access to a level of classified information
Bullet Logo Undergo a periodic polygraph examination or urinalysis
Bullet Logo Meet physical or medical standards
Bullet Logo Be geographically mobile
Bullet Logo Obtain and maintain professional certification or license

These conditions of employment should also be documented on the Position Description and on Vacancy Announcements but that documentation alone is normally not sufficient. As stated above, a written Statement of Understanding is required. (See Sample Below)

Download Statement of Understanding

Part A: Acknowledgement of DCIPS Appointment

  1. I, (employee's name), have been selected for the following Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) position:

  2. Title:__________________________________________________
    Pay Plan, Series, Grade:__________________________________________________

  3. I understand that this position falls within the scope of DCIPS, Title 10 excepted service for civilian intelligence components and employees within the Department of Defense. I further understand that -

    1. Appointment to this position does not confer competitive status; however,
    2. In accordance with provisions of the DCIPS (CIPMS) Personnel Interchange Agreement between the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and DoD, I may be considered for a position in the competitive service after serving continuously for at least 1 year in a permanent DCIPS position. Otherwise, I understand that I may be considered for a position in the competitive service only if: (1) I have personal competitive status by virtue of previous employment in the competitive service or, (2) after I have passed an open competitive examination conducted by or under the guidelines of OPM.
    3. I am entitled to the same retirement, health and life insurance, leave, and injury compensation benefits as other Federal employees.

  4. I acknowledge that I have received information on the specific features of DCIPS to include the Personnel Interchange Agreement and have been given an opportunity to discuss issues relating to my employment under this system.

Part B: Acknowledgement of Condition(s) of Employment or Assignment

  1. I understand that appointment/assignment to this position requires acknowledgement and acceptance of the following condition(s) which have been imposed as required by law, regulation, or appropriate management authority:

  2. __Not Applicable __Drug Testing __TDY (=/< 10%)
    __US Citizen __Security Clearance Secret __TDY (10-15%)
    __Mobility Agreement __Security Clearance TS __TDY (15-25%)
    __Other* __Security Clearance TS/SCI __TDY (> 25%)

  3. I understand that failure to acknowledge/accept the above condition(s) will be grounds for withdrawal of the appointment/assignment offer (or removal from the position occupied if new conditions are imposed on encumbered positions).
  4. I further understand that in the event I do not satisfactorily meet/maintain the above condition(s) related to the performance of this position, action will be taken to remove me from the position.
  5. The original of this signed acknowledgement will be filed in my Standard Form 66-C, Merged Records Personnel Folder, and a copy provided to me. Accordingly, I accept this offer/condition(s) of employment under DCIPS.

  6. ___________________________________
    Employee Signature
    Human Resource representative's signature

Download Statement of Understanding

Direct comments and inquiries to commercial (703) 695-1046; DSN 225-1046 or at dcips@hqda.army.mil on INTERNET.