September 1992


SUBJECT: Civilian Intelligence Personnel Management System (CIPMS) Reduction In Force (RIF) Policies, Issues, and Information (CIPMS MEMO No. 92-2)

  1. This memorandum supersedes DAMI-CP memorandum dated 13 Dec 90, Subject: CIPMS RIF Policies, Issues, and Information (CIPMS Memo No.3).

  2. The enclosed information identifies and incorporates changes in RIF-related policies and programs which have occurred since December 1990.

  3. We remain committed to keeping CIPMS employees and managers informed of RIF policies and processes as the Department of the Army continues to respond to downsizing requirements. Careful planning, supported by factual information and on-going communication can help minimize the adverse impact of RIF.

  4. These documents are not intended to be akll-inclusive, but should assist employees, managers, and personnel specialists in addressing RIF issues that affect the CIPMS population. Please ensure the widest possible circulation of this information to members of your CIPMS workforce as well as those who service them.

  5. Point of Contact for additional information is Joyce Grignon, Com (703) 806-6343/44 or DSN 656-6343/44.
Acting Director, Intelligence Personnel
Management Office

2 Encls
  1. CIPMS RIF, Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
  2. CIPMS RIF/TOF Employee Benefits and Programs


    MACOM Directors of Personnel
    Career Program Functional Chief Representatives
    MACOM CP-35 Career Program Managers
    Civilian Personnel Officers
    CIPMS Activity Center Program Managers