Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is comprised of the
  1. HQDA, ODCS, G-2, Director, Counterintelligence, Human Intelligence, Foreign Disclosure and Security.
  2. HQDA, ODCS, G-2, Senior Security Advisor
  3. HQDA, ODCS, G-2, Security Division Chief
  4. Two (2) representatives from one or more of the following:
    ACOM/ASCC/DRU; Directors of Security; SIOs; Commanders; Army security professionals and customers; and former security award recipients. The representative will be determined by the HQDA, ODCS, G-2 Director and Senior Security Advisor. The two selected representatives cannot be an employee of the HQDA, OCS, G-2.
To enable the Selection Committee to judge fully and assess equitably the degree of success and extent of an achievement's impact, all nominations should be well documented, as the Committee places considerable weight on the narrative and supporting documents of the nomination.

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