PDS - Carriers

  • Hardened Carrier
    • Install data cables in a carrier.
    • Construct carrier from EMT, ferrous conduit or pipe, or rigid-sheet steel ducting.
    • Permanently seal all connections.
    • If buried, install at least 1 meter below the surface.
    • If suspended between buildings, elevate at least 5 meters.

  • Alarmed Carrier
    • Approve alarm system through cognizant COMSEC and/or physical security
    • Verify alarm system performance IAW NSTISSI 7003, Table B-4
    • Ensure security personnel will respond with 15 minutes
    • Provide for inspection to determine cause of any alarm
    • Define action if transmission terminated
    • Initiate investigations of actual intrusion attempts.

  • Continuously Viewed Carrier
    • Carrier must be under continuous observation
    • Standing orders should include requirement to investigate any attempts to disturb the PDS
    • Security personnel should investigate suspected penetrations with 15 minutes
    • Not used for TS or Special category information for non-US UAA.

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