Wire line or fiber-optic distribution systems used to transmit unencrypted classified national security information through an area of lesser classification or control.

Is It Required?

Does an unencrypted RED wire line or fiber-optic line pass through an area of lesser classification?

  • If the area is all cleared and controlled 24/7 to the same level, no PDS is required.
  • If the information is encrypted, no PDS is required. (Compare costs. Encryption devices may be more cost effective than a PDS.)

PDS Requirements

  1. PDS terminal equipment should be installed in a CAA.
  2. PDS should not be concealed.
  3. Employees should be aware PDS exists.
  4. Directions for maintaining PDS security should be posted.
  5. Un-cleared personnel who require access to PDS must be monitored continuously.

Accessibility/Section 508