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The DA G-2 Foundry Program is a critical enabler to Army global readiness, providing Commanders necessary resources to enhance the training of MI Soldiers and Civilians supporting operations at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels by providing access to the intelligence enterprise as they train.

The revised AR 350-32 was published 2 Jun 15

Foundry Training Courses offered through ATTRS as of 1 JUL 2015

HRC approvoved 15 Foundry Courses for Promotion Point Credit

Foundry 2.0 Army Foundry Newsletter,
Volume 2, Issue 1 published Feb 16 and is available on the INSCOM Foundry Website

Foundry Catalog: Published 3 Nov 2015

AR 350-32, The Army Foundry Intelligence Training Program

AR 350-1, Army Training and Leader Development

The Army Intelligence Training Strategy

The Army Training Network (ATN)

AGILE Learning Management System (ALMS)

Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS)

The DoD intelligence Training and Education Board (DITEB)

National Intelligence University (NIU)

Chief of Training: 703-695-1575
Foundry Program Manager: 703-695-1268
Assistant Chief Training: 703-695-1352

Chief of Training: 703-706-1378
Foundry Program Administrator: 703-706-1890
Deputy Chief of Training: 703-706-1166

After successfully training 140,000 Soldiers for nearly a decade, we are now transitioning from a CENTCOM-focused, contractor-reliant, and OCO-funded program to a global/RAF-focused, Soldier-reliant, and base-funded program that is now Foundry 2.0.

Foundry 2.0 recognizes that need and provides the intelligence readiness program that will help RAF obtain the technical and target readiness and confidence for their respective, assigned geographic areas of responsibility.

Foundry 2.0 ensures the technical and target readiness of our multi-disciplined Intelligence Corps. Foundry 2.0 fosters the concepts of “No Cold Starts – No MI Soldier at Rest” as our approach to intelligence readiness. Foundry 2.0 is the key to Army readiness.

The INSCOM FPO implements and executes the Foundry Program which
maintains intelligence proficiency and certification across the operational force.
The INSCOM FPO produces the Foundry Catalog enabling MI Soldiers
and units develop and synchronize intelligence training.

INSCOM AKO Knowledge Center

Foundry enhances individual and collective intelligence training
for the Active and Reserve Components.

The IDTF also serves as a multi - purpose Foundry Training Facility for conducting
MI collective training. The IDTF environment is specifically designed to
assist Commanders by providing realistic scenarios to conduct a CERTEX.

Intelligence Knowledge Network and Warfighter Forum

Operation Environment Training Support Center (OETSC) provides
Commanders a cost-effective way to train analysts in LVC training
requirements. It generates exercise reports and scenarios to
support unit Foundry training exercises and the MCTCs.


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