Civilian Intelligence Personnel
Management System
May 1999
A Note To The Reader:

The purpose of this information summary is to provide a broad overview of the Civilian Intelligence Personnel Management System (CIPMS). The summary may be useful as a basic reference for employees, applicants, personnel offices, or functional specialists and managers. It can be used as a training supplement, or as a general handout to anyone seeking information about CIPMS.

The information provided is current as of December 1998; however, CIPMS is a purposefully evolving system designed to respond to the changing needs of the civilian intelligence community. As system features change, this summary will be updated. Anyone wishing to contribute questions, comments, or suggestions for inclusion may contact the Intelligence Personnel Management Office by mail at:

DAMI-CP, Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS, G-2)
2511 Jefferson Davis Highway, Suite #9300
Arlington, VA 22202-3910

Section VII of the summary contains telephone, email and fax numbers for IPMO staff members.
Table of Contents
Bullet Logo History and General Information
Bullet Logo Employment and Benefits
Bullet Logo Position Management and Classification
Bullet Logo Management-Employee Relations
Bullet Logo Performance Management and Recognition
Bullet Logo Information - Assistance