The IPMO is Army's focal point for all aspects of the Civilian Intelligence Personnel Management System (CIPMS) which is evolving into the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS). This includes responsibility for developing personnel management policy, programs, systems, and training. In addition, members of the IPMO staff represents Army and Intelligence interests in management of the Military Intelligence Civilian workforce.

Current Areas of Concentration:

  • Intelligence Personnel Reform
  • Intelligence Community Officer (ICO) Designation/Intelligence Community Assignment Program (ICAP)
  • Senior Programs [Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service (DISES)/Defense Intelligence Senior Level (DISL)]
  • Centralized Delivery of CIPMS/DCIPS Servicing
  • CIPMS/DCIPS Training
  • Career Management and Training for Civilian Career Program 35, Intelligence
  • Civilian Objective Force for Intelligence/Intelligence XXI
  • Developing CIPMS/DCIPS Guidance
  • On-site Personnel Management Assistance

Click below and explore in-depth the support provided by the IPMO over the last three years to Army's Military Intelligence and Civilian Personnel Policy/Servicing initiatives.

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