DAMI-CP (AR 690-13) 14 Aug 1990


SUBJECT: Civilian Intelligence Personnel Management System (CIPMS) Model External Recruitment and Merit Promotion Plan (CIPMS MEMO No. 5)

  1. References:

    1. AR 690-13, Civilian Intelligence Personnel Management System (CIPMS) - Policies and Procedures, dated 30 Sep 90.

    2. Memorandum, DAMI-CP, subject: Merit Promotion, External Recruitment and Veterans Preference (CIPMS MEMO No. 1), dated 02 Nov 89.

  2. In 1989, this office issued CIPMS external recruitment and merit placement/promotion guidance (reference 1b) for activity external recruitment plans. As we gain experience in the implementation of CIPMS, it is clear that some aspects of excepted service recruitment/placement coupled with the requirement to operate under a merit system are not well understood. Key features like direct hire, grade band promotions, veterans preference, and competitive versus noncompetitive placement actions are causing confusion and are being incorrectly applied.

  3. To help solve these problems, we have superseded reference 1b in its entirety, and have written a model external recruitment and merit placement/promotion plan (see enclosure) that can be used locally with very little modification; e.g., how the activity intends to collect and maintain applications. Our revised plan provides great latitude in methods of selection and focuses on competitive and noncompetitive actions. Critical features of this plan include the paramount requirement for managerial involvement in the recruitment process, the necessity for documented circumstances when the normal competitive process is not used in direct hire (external) recruitment, and the use of CIPMS or locally developed qualification standards.

  4. A local CIPMS external recruitment and merit placement/promotion plan is mandated before any CIPMS position is filled or promotion is effected. Proper use of direct hire as documented in the local plan can result in higher quality selectees and enhanced success in meeting Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action goals. We recommend our plan for your immediate use, and appreciate comments at any time regarding any aspect of CIPMS.

  5. Points of contact for additional information and assistance are Joyce Grignon, comm (703) 285-5200/01 or DSN 356-5200/01, or Sandy McLaughlin, comm (602) 533-1880 or DSN 821-1880.



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