Intelligence Community Joint Duty Assignment Program

Army employees have the opportunity to file a claim for joint duty experience received in a past assignment: ICAP, ICAP-E, a previous rotation or assignment, prior military experience, even work in academia or the private sector. Claims may be filed during the time-frames below:

o For GS-13-15 (or equivalent): 1 December-30 December 2008

o For those who complete their assignment after the above period, you have 60 days after you return to make a claim.

Joint Duty Claim Form
Joint Duty Work sheet

Program Features

JDA Memorandum of Agreement
JDA Implementation Policy Guidance
DOD Instruction 1400.6
ICPG 601.01
ICD 601
JDA Talking Points

JDA Application Process

Bullet Logo Intake Process:

Bullet Logo Outgo Process: