Intelligence Community Officer Program Training Program

Program Features

The Intelligence Community Officer (ICO) Training Program is a curriculum of 10 weeks of courses in seven disciplines designed to provide ICO candidates with an increased knowledge of IC organizations, enhanced capabilities and understanding of different facets of the intelligence business, and reinforcement of a Community perspective. The curriculum consists of courses from a broad spectrum of organizations across the Community to include CIA, DIA, NACIC, NIMA, NSA, Office of Personnel Management (OPM), and the Department of State/Foreign Service Institute (FSI). The curriculum is developed and approved by the ICAP Board of Governors (BoG), the Chair of the IC Training Directors' Consortium, and the ICO programs Director. The ICO Training Program is managed by the ICO Director and administered by ICAP representatives from each participating intelligence organization. For more information, contact your organization's ICO/ICAP Point of Contact or see the ICO Training Curriculum Guide - Part 1 [Adobe PDF; Aug 2000] and Part 2 [Contact; (703)601-1569].

Procedures for obtaining ICO Training Credit

Intelligence Community Officer Training is a key component of the ICO Program. The ICO Training Curriculum Guide provides guidance in meeting ICO training requirements, identifies training objectives for each category, and provides a list of representative courses. It is highly recommended that you review the Guide prior to attempting to apply for training credit.

A database has been established on INTELINK-TS to allow careerists to submit requests on-line for ICO Training credit. Detailed instructions have been developed to assist you in applying for credit. These instructions may be saved to you computer to serve as a guide for entering data into the on-line forms. Please assure that your entries are complete, and forward the necessary supporting documentation (certificates/DD 1556s). Verification of course attendance is necessary before credit can be awarded. Although entries for individual courses may be submitted as they are completed, certification will not be granted until requirements for all seven IC training categories have been met.