Checklist for New Facility Security Clerances
Sponsorship: The very first step to clearing a company is sponsorship for a facility clearance by either a United States Government Contracting Activity (GCA) or another cleared company.  A sample sponsorship letter can be found on the DSS website.

DSS Starts the Process: Once the sponsorship letter has been received and accepted, DSS will send the sponsored organization a package that contains detailed information to beginning the facility clearance process.  DSS will assign an Industrial Security Representative to make contact with and begin processing the organization for a facility clearance.

Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGE Code):  Please visit the website for central contractor registration (CCR), and register with the CCR.  When registration is complete, a CAGE Code will be issued.  If the organization has already registered with the CCR and has a CAGE Code, use this website to obtain the issued CAGE Code.  Obtaining a CAGE Code is a prerequisite to being granted a Facility Clearance.  It is the number that DSS uses to track basic facility information.

Prepare for the DSS Visit:  Download the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM); DoD 5220.22-M.  Become familiar with the NISPOM.

Prepare Organizational Documentation/Information:  Obtain and have the following documents/information available for the Industrial Security Representative from DSS.

1. Articles of Incorporation, Stock Records, Minutes of Board Meetings and Corporate by-laws.
2. Federal Tax ID Number.
3. Any 10K Reports filed with the Securities Exchange Commission.
4. Key Management Personnel List. The senior management official, Facility Security Officer (FSO), all executive committee members, and all board members including the Chairman should be listed.  NISPOM paragraph 2-104 provides some guidance and additional guidance will be provided by DSS.
5. Brief summary of the company's primary business or services provided.
6. E-mail, fax, and complete address information for the last ten years — include the last four number extension to your zip code.
7. Proof of US citizenship for the Facility Security Officer (FSO) (see NISPOM para 2-207).

Personnel Security Clearance:  In order for the company to be cleared for a FCL, specified Key Management Personnel (KMP) must be cleared.  Other KMP may be excluded, unless they will require access to classified information.  DSS will help identify those that must be cleared and those that may be excluded. 

Fingerprint Cards (FD 258): These forms will be in the initial package mailed by DSS and should be returned to OPM (see below). Only use the forms that are provided --other types of fingerprint cards, such as local law enforcement forms, will be rejected.

US Mail:
E-QIP Rapid Response Team
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E-QIP Rapid Response Team
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