National Interest Determination Roles and Responsibilities

Defense Security Service's (DSS) Role
  • Determine when a NID is required
  • Notify Government Contracting Activity of the NID requirement
  • Obtain interim determination from GCA regarding intent to issue NID
  • Update company's facility verification to include release of the proscribed information
NOTE: DSS will not delay implementation of a company's FOCI mitigation plan, unless advised by the GCA that the NID will not be issued.

Government Contracting Activity's (GCAs) Role
  • Immediately advise HQDA, G-2 of the GCA's intention to provide the NID
  • Prepare the NID
  • Ensure the NID includes:
    1. Name of Company
    2. Address
    3. Cage Code
    4. Contract Number, or
    5. Program Name, or
    6. Project Name
    7. The following statement, "Release of the proscribed information to the company will not harm the national security interests of the United States"
    8. Include the results of the coordination with national authorities on the release of information under their jurisdiction
    9. Program Executive Office Level Signature
Forward completed NID justification, DD Form 254 and all checklists to HQDA, G-2 Industrial Security  

Currently, Army, G-2, Industrial Security provides assistance and guidance to the GCAs in the preparation of the NID. DSS notifies Industrial Security when a NID is required. Industrial Security, informs the CGA that a NID is required and forwards a NID template for their use. Once the NID is prepared by the CGA and is forwarded back to Industrial Security, Industrial Security forwards the NID to the appropriate agency for approval:
  • COMSEC approval authority is NSA
  • SCI approval authority is ODNI
  • RD/FRD approval authority is DOE
  • SAP approval authority is TMO
Once the NID approval is received from the approving authority the memorandum is forwarded to the CGA and DSS.

NID Templates Add

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