As Army contracts are expanded onto military installations, the Installation Commander is the ultimate host. Within those base-level environments, contractors and its employees are considered a Visitor Group. As a Visitor Group, contractors enter into Security Agreements with the host Commanders and form Visitor Group Security Agreements.  

The contractor shall enter into a long-term visitor group security agreement if contract performance is on base. This agreement shall outline how the contractor integrates security requirements for contract operations with the United States Army to ensure effective and economical operation on the installation. The agreement shall include:  

Security support provided by the United States Army to the contractor shall include storage containers for classified information/material, use of base destruction facilities, classified reproduction facilities, use of base classified mail services, security badges, base visitor control, investigation of security incidents, base traffic regulations and the use of security forms and conducting inspections required by DoD 5220.22-R, Industrial Security Regulation, Army Regulation 380-49, Industrial Security Regulation, and DoD 5220.22M , National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual.

Security support requiring joint United States Army and contractor coordination includes packaging classified information, mailing and receiving classified materials, implementing emergency procedures for protection of classified information, security checks and internal security controls for protection of classified material and high-value pilfer able property.  

On base, the long-term visitor group security agreement may take the place of a Standard Practice Procedure (SPP).  

As prescribed by the AFARS - Part 5101 Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement, Contractor access to United States Army installations, the contractor shall comply with the Installation Commanders policies.

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