Executive Order, 12829 (EO 12829), as amended.
National Industrial Security Program - This order establishes a National Industrial Security Program (NISP) to safeguard Federal Government classified information that is released to contractors, licensees, and grantees of the United States Government. The NISP was established for the protection of classified information pursuant to Executive Order 13526, "Classified National Security Information" and the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended

Executive Order 13526, (EO 13526), December 29, 2009
Classified National Security Information - This order prescribes a uniform system for classifying, safeguarding, and declassifying national security information, including information relating to defense against transnational terrorism.

Department of Defense 5220.22-R (DoDD 5220.22-R)
Industrial Security Regulation - The purpose is to prescribe uniform procedures that ensure that safeguarding, protection of classified information made available to industry.

Department of Defense Instruction 5220.22 (DoDI 5220.22)
This instruction establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for administration of the NISP IAW EO 10865 and 12829 to ensure that classified information released to industry is properly safeguarded.

Directive Type Memorandum 09-019 (DTM 09-019)
This DTM replaces policy on foreign ownership, control, or influence (FOCI) contained in section C2.2 of DoD 5220.22-R (NISP)

Department of Defense 5220.22-M (DoD 5220.22-M)
National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) - This manual establishes the standard procedures and requirements for all government contractors, with regards to classified information.

Army Regulation AR 380-49 (AR 380-49)
Industrial Security Program - This regulation establishes policy for the Army Industrial Security Program and is issued in accordance with the National Industrial Security Program (NISP). This AR prescribes requirements, restrictions, and other safeguards that are necessary to prevent unauthorized disclosure of classified information and to control authorized disclosure of classified information released by U.S. Government and Agencies to their contractors.

Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Instruction (CJCSI) 6211.02D "Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) Responsibilities

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