CP-35 Funding
Non-University Courses


1. ELIGIBILITY: Employees with less than 3 years of Army Civilian service are not eligible to apply for ACTEDS funded training. Army DCIPS employees in Pay Band 03 and above in the, Security Specialist 080 series (performing 51 percent or more of Intelligence duties), Intelligence Specialist 0132 series, Engineers and Scientists in the 0800, 1300, and 1500 series families, and Trainers and Educators in Series 1701 and 1710 series are encouraged to apply.

2. DEADLINES: It is important to follow the timelines in the ACTEDS Catalog for submitting training requests. If requests are not submitted in a timely manner, they are subject to disapproval. All training is approved based on "availability of funds."

3. CP-35 REQUEST MEMO: Use the sample memo (below) to request training from Army G-2 for government courses (not university courses). This is the FIRST step when requesting ACTEDS funded training
  1. Careerist's Supervisor signs the memo
  2. Career Program Manager (CPM) signs the THRU line
4. SF-181: Ethnicity and Race Identification Form, Standard Form (SF) 181 MUST be submitted along with each CP-35 Request Memo. 

The capturing of Ethnicity and Race data for all Army centrally managed CPD programs is in compliance with Federal Statute 5 U.S.C 7201; collected information will be included in the Office of Personnel Management's annual government-wide Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program Plan (FEORP) report to Congress. Training requests will NOT be funded without an accompanying SF 181. This is a new G3/5/7 requirement. An electronic copy of this form is located at:
NOTE: The SF 181 does NOT capture GRADE or GENDER. This information is also reportable and MUST be "hand-written or typed on the form."

5. MEMO APPROVAL: If a request memo has been approved, the applicant will receive an email from the FCR point of contact (Ms. Sharon Fowler). The email will acknowledge the approval and provide instructions on how to go into RASS to initiate the training application and request for funding. The applicant MUST enter RASS and complete the Form 182. *** Failure to do so will result in no funding!! ***

6. WHAT IS RASS: Resource Allocation Selection System (RASS)
  • The Resource Allocation Selection System (RASS) is an automated financial system that centrally manages the Army Civilian Training, Education and Development System (ACTEDS) resources for the Intern and Competitive Professional Development (CPD) training programs.
  • RASS enables the creation, submission, and approval of the following forms:
  • A Request, Authorization Agreement, Certification of Training and Reimbursement Form (SF 182)
  • Request, and Authorization for TDY Travel Orders (DD Form 1610)
  • Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business (SF 1164).
  • RASS can be accessed at the following website:
7. RASS HELP DESK: Help with technical problems (i.e., unable to login, locked out, etc.) contact the HQDA Civilian Human Resources System (CHRS) Help Desk at 1-888-253-1836.

  • AFTER the SF 182 is APPROVED, create the authorization in DTS.
    • Reference the SF 182 training number on DTS authorization.
    • Add non-mileage expenses only.
    • Per Diem mileage expenses can be added to the authorization without booking the commercial travel.
  • Exit out of DTS WITHOUT SIGNING it.
  • The authorizations will route through DTS to G-37/TRV. G-37 TRV will automatically check for authorizations, based on the approved SF182, and add the LOA to the authorization within 7 days.
    • On Day 8 Careerists should check DTS for the LOA.
  • Once the authorization has a LOA, Careerists are required to sign the completed authorization to conclude the process.
  • Authorizations will route through the Careerist's normal DTS chain of command.
9. REMINDER: The applicant is responsible!
  • Applicant's should ensure there is sufficient lead time for the processing of training documents.
  • The applicant is responsible for accessing RASS and completing a SF 182. Documentation must contain the signatures of the supervisor, FCR and a G-1 Budget Analyst prior to beginning an ACTEDS training assignment.
  • Applicant's who attend a CPD training assignment prior to receiving a SF 182, certified with the signature of a G-1 budget Analyst and an ACTEDS fund cite signed and dated by a budget analyst in the G-1 RM office, may be responsible for costs associated with the training assignment.

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