Personnel Security

(U) DD Form 1847-1 SCI Non-Disclosure Form
(U) DD Form 1847 SCI Indoctrination Memorandum
(U) DD Form 1848 SCI Debriefing Memorandum
(U) DA Form 5750 Inadvertent Disclosure Form
(U//FOUO) DoD5105-M-1 App E Annex 5 Transfer-In-Status
(U//FOUO) DoD5105-M-1 App F Annex 7 Foreign Contact Questionnaire
(U//FOUO) DoD5105-M-1 App F Annex 8 Report Foreign Travel Form
(U) Foreign Travel Certificate
(U) Personnel Attestation Form
(U) IC Badge Request to DAMI-CDS-SO Template

Physical Security

(U//FOUO) ICS 705.1 Fixed Facility Checklist (FFC)
(U) ICS 705.1 Fixed Facility Checklist Guide
(U//FOUO) ICS 705.1 TEMPEST Addendum Form A
(U//FOUO) ICS 705.1 TEMPEST Addendum Form B
(U) DIA Guidance TEMPEST Addendum Guide
(U//FOUO) Example of an Emergency Action Plan
(U) Example of a NIST Certificate
(U) Example of a UL 2050 Certificate
(U) Example of an IDS Test and Guard Response Log
(U) Example of a Random Search Log
(U) Getting a SCIF Accredited

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