Classification Management Support

  • EO 12958, Classified National Security Information
  • DOD 5200.1-R, Information Security Program
  • DODI 5200.01, DoD Information Security Program and Protection of Sensitive Compartmented
  • AR 380-5, DA Information Security Program
  • Is the information classified by another program?
  • Is the information under control of U.S. government?
  • Does information fall under category identified in AR 380-5?
  • Asks a series of questions designed to differentiate AR 380-5 standards
    • "Damage"
    • "Serious Damage"
    • "Grave Damage"
Classification Management Tool
  • Classification Management Tool and Tutorial.
  • The foundation of all security programs is the proper classification of information.
  • The Army G-2 has developed as a "best business practice" across the Army a standardized methodology for making original classification decisions and a tutorial.
  • U,S. Army organizations may request assistance from Army G-2 for further training in this methodology or for facilitating the development of individual SCGs.
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