Designation of SCI Responsibilities

Full list of organizations that align to the SCI Policy Office

Designation of Responsibilities

The Head of Intelligence Community (HICE) ---
  • The head of an agency, organization, bureau, office, intelligence element or activities within the IC, as defined in Section 3 of the National Security Act of 1947, as amended, and Executive Order 12333, as amended and further defined in the Intelligence Community Standard (ICS)# 2008-700-1
  • "HICE of the Military Departments will administer the SCI systems for their respective Department" as outlined in DoDM 5105.21-V1
  • Provide implementing instruction for their SCI security programs
    • Army Regulation (AR) 380-28
  • Assist DIA Director in developing and recommending SCI security policy
  • Conduct a continuing review of their respective SCI security program
  • Approve proposals for establishing new SCI Security Offices and SCI facilities under their CSA
  • Establish, manage, and conduct training programs
  • Establish procedures to investigate security violations
  • Designate Commands as their on Command SSO

The SIO must appoint a Special Security Officer (SSO) and, if required, a Special Security Representative (SSR), in writing.


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