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The ODCS, G-2 is responsible for:

  • Providing current and estimative intelligence to HQDA; developing the current and future threat environment for the Army; providing oversight, training guidance, and policy review of the Army's Foreign Materiel Program; and providing foreign technical threat intelligence assessments to the ASA (ALT) in support of Army acquisition programs, science and technology efforts, and research and development programs.

  • Serving as the ARSTAF lead for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance integration issues, including plans, policies, and architectures.

(General Order 2019-01, 15 May 2019)

    • Coordinating and providing technical assistance and advice to the ASA (M&RA) and ASA (ALT) with regard to the development and implementation of Army protection and security policies.

    • Developing, in conjunction with the GC and TJAG, policies and programs for Army intelligence and intelligence oversight, and planning and supervising the execution of those policies and programs.

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