Regulatory Guidance
Executive Orders
EO 13526 Classified National Security Information
EO 13556 Controlled Unclassified Information

29 Dec 09
  4 Nov 10
USD(I) Memorandums
Directive Type Memo (DTM) 13-009, Congressional Notification for Authorized Public Disclosure of Intelligence Information
DepSecDef Memo, Preventing Unauthorized Disclosures of Classified Information or Controlled Unclassified Information
OUSD Memo, Clarification of Automated Entry Control System Minimum Requirements
Official DoD Guidance Concerning the Book, "No Easy Day"
Security and Policy Reviews of Articles, Manuscripts, Books, and Other Media Prior to Public Release
Facilitating Visits within the DoD
Use of the “the not releasable to Foreign Nationals” (NOFORN) caveat on DoD classified Information
Use of Cross-Cut Shredders for the Destruction of Classified Information

08 Oct 13

21 Oct 13

23 Oct 13
20 Sep 12
26 Apr 11
 01 Apr 05
17 May 05
25 Aug 03
External Agency Information Memorandums
Classification of Certain CIA Information
(AKO access required)
12 Mar 12
DoD Instructions and Manuals
DoD Info Security Program Changes in DoD Manual 5200.01
DoDM 5200.01,Information Security Program Manual
    Volume 1, Overview, Classification, and Declassification
    Volume 2, Marking of Classified Information
           Change 1, dtd 2 Mar 12

    Volume 3, Protection of Classified Information
           Change 1, dtd 21 Mar 12

    Volume 4, Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)
DoDM 5200.45, Instructions for Developing Security Classification Guides
DoD  Directive 5230.09, “Clearance of DoD Information for Public Release
DoDI 5200.01 DoD Information Security Program and Protection of Sensitive Compartmented Information
DoDI 5200.33 Defense Courier Operations
DoDI 5210.02 Access to and Dissemination of Restricted Data and Formerly Restricted Data
DoDI 5230.29 Security and Policy Review of DoD Information for Public Release
24 Feb 12

2 Apr 13
22 Aug 08
13 Jun 11
30 Jun 11 3 Jun 11
8 Jan 09
Army Regulation (AR) and Memorandums
Personally Identifiable Information
AR 380-5 Information Security Program
AR 380-40 Policy for Safeguarding and Controlling Communications Security (COMSEC) Material - (AKO Access Required)
AR 360-1 The Army Public Affairs Program
DA Memo Security and Policy Reviews of Articles, Manuscripts, Books, and Other Media Prior to Public Release

07 Jun 13
29 Sep 00
30 Jun 00
25 May 11
24 May 11
HQDA , G2, Memorandum Security Notices
G-2 Memo Wireless Microphones
Protection of Official Records by Army General Officers and senior Civilian Executives
Notice No. 1-07 Policy Regarding Exemption Categories X-1-X-8
Notice No. 1-06 Replacement of Combination Locks
Notice No. 2-06 Collateral Top Secret Accountability
Notice No. 1-05 Protection of Classified and Sensitive Information
Standardized Methodology for Making Classification Decisions

14 Jun 08
12 Dec 12
26 Jul 07
1 Sept 06
16 Oct 06
17 Oct 05
25 Oct 06
Additional Information
ISOO Notice 2013-06 Change in Express Mail Procedures
IED Taxonomy Topics with Definitions  - (AKO Access Required)

18 Sep 13
30 May 13

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