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Foreign Disclosure Division (FD)

Plans, Policy, and Technology Protection Division
  • Plans and Policy Branch
    • National Disclosure Policy Committee (NDPC)/National Representatives
    • AR 380-10 Updates
    • Policy Guidance and Implementation
    • Country Strategy Support
    • Review of Regulations for Disclosure Implications
    • DoD Arms Transfer Policy Board
    • Director, Central Intelligence (DCI) Disclosure
    • Foreign Disclosure Officer (FDO)/Contact Officer Training
    • Disclosure and foreign liaison planning
  • Technology Transfer Branch
    • Country Strategy (Lead)
    • Development of Acquisition Systems Protection Program (ASPP) Regulations
    • System Program Protection Plan (PPP) [Security Classification Guides (SCG), Technology Assessments/Control Plans (TA/CP), Delegation of Disclosure Letters (DDL)]
    • Sheltered Harbors
    • Munitions Licensing Review
    • Technology Control Panel
    • Export Policy Review
    • DoD Technology Protection Working Group
International Disclosure Division
  • International Disclosure Branch
    • International Visits Program
    • Documentary/Information Requests
    • Army National Disclosure Policy (NDP) Exceptions
    • Country Delegation of Disclosure Letter (DDL)
    • Country Strategy Support
    • Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Review
    • International Agreements Review
    • Country Specific Intelligence Production Requests
    • Country Specific Counterintelligence Support
    • Intelligence Interagency Disclosure Committee
  • Foreign Liaison Officer (FLO) Program Branch
    • Foreign Liaison Officer Program
    • Country Strategy Support
    • Represent Army on FLO Issues with Foreign Embassies
    • Manager of DUSA/DCS, G-2 Council of Colonels
    • Negotiate Signing of Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs)
    • Develop and Implement Financial Management Plan for Recoupment of Foreign LNO Costs
    • Coordinate inclusion of LNO into CINC's Theater Engagement Plan
    • Maintain Certification Database for LNOs
    • Internal Management Control (IMC) Reports
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