Defense Security Service - Facility Security Clearance Processing Forms

DD Form 441 - DD Form 441 is an agreement between a contractor and the US Government. It details the security responsibilities of both the cleared organization and the government. The contractor completes DD Form 441 according to the instructions for its particular business structure.

DD Form 441-1 - This is an attachment to the DD Form 441 that lists cleared divisions or branch offices that are included and covered by the provisions of the organization's Security Agreement and Certificate Pertaining to Foreign Interest.

SF 328 - The Certificate Pertaining to Foreign Interests must also be completed. Prospective contractors use this form to report foreign ownership and other types of foreign involvement in their operations or management. The information on the form is cross-checked by a DSS representative, to assess the extent to which a prospective contractor is operating under foreign ownership, control or influence (FOCI). A facility clearance will not be issued to any company found to be under FOCI to a degree that could compromise national security.

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