Foreign Travel

Instructions for personnel granted SCI access planning to travel overseas for official or unofficial (personal) travel:
  1. Please watch the video clip below titled, (U) "Expect the Unexpected, Defensive Tactics for a Safe Trip Abroad" distributed by the DIA.
  2. Print and fill out the form, (U) Reporting Foreign Travel.
  3. HQDA SSO would also encourage a visit the State Department Website for the Consular Information Sheets for the most current information on customs, laws, travel warnings, and current threats for those countries.
  4. Please review the (U) OPSEC warning regarding hotels asking for Common Access Cards.
Foreign Nationals

If a relationship develops with someone that is a Foreign National or if a member of your immediate family is a foreign national, you are required to fill out a (U//FOUO) Foreign Contact Questionnaire. Please provide as much information as possible, as this information is critical to your accesses.

* In order to access any forms or regulatory guidance from this page, you must have access to AKO.
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