Personnel Security

Hours of Operation:

Monday- Friday 0630-1700

The Personnel Security Team within the HQDA SSO is responsible for validating and certifying the sensitive compartmented information (SCI) security clearances and accesses of HQDA Army Staff Personnel and cognizant supported activities. Many of the policies and procedures can be found under the Regulatory Guidance section.

Nominations and approvals for indoctrinations to sensitive compartmented information SCI will be submitted by the security manager (SM) or special security representative (SSR) from the command personnel belong to, please refer to our indoctrinations page.

Foreign Travel/ Foreign Nationals
HQDA Staff Personnel and cognizant supported activities are required to notify the HQDA SSO Office if they have continuous contact or develop a relationship with a foreign national or go on Official or Unofficial Travel, please refer to the Foreign Travel/Foreign Nationals page.

Visit Certifications/Clearance Verification
Effective 14 January 2005, JPAS (Joint Personnel Adjudication System) is the Army’s system of record to determine clearance eligibility and current command access levels.

We will accept visit certifications via JPAS, M-3, or any other authorized method by the Special Security Office.


HQDA SSO does validate all clearance levels via JPAS, or Scattered Castles for other Intelligence Community Members.

Any personnel that require to be debriefed from access can walk-in to the HQDA SSO Monday- Friday from 0830-1600, no appointment is needed.

Full List of Personnel Security Forms

* In order to access any forms or regulatory guidance from this page, you must have access to AKO.

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