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Security Division

Army Investigative Enterprise Solutions (AIES)
Army Research, Technology and Protection Center (ARTPC)
Industrial Security
Information Security
Personnel Security
Personal Security Appeals Board (PSAB)
Security Education, Training and Awareness (SETA)
Special Access Programs (SAP)
Special Security Office (SSO)
Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)
Provide SECURITY Subject Matter Expertise
  • Provide subject matter expertise on a variety of programs related to the security of classified and sensitive, unclassified information and material to the DCS, G-2, the Army Staff, and senior Army leadership, advising and assisting on all issues associated with protecting classified and sensitive, unclassified national defense information from loss, compromise, or unauthorized disclosure. These programs include:
    • Classified information security
    • Personnel security
    • Industrial security
    • Communications security
    • Sensitive Compartmented Information
    • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
    • Polygraph
    • Foreign disclosure
    • Special Access Programs
    • Security education and training
    • Security support to technology protection
  • Develop and promulgate Army-wide policy for the conduct of Army Security programs designed to safeguard classified and sensitive, unclassified national defense information.
  • Provide Security input to Service and Joint publications and planning documents.
  • Provide Security input to the Army Intelligence Master Plan (AIMP) and related processes.
  • Provide Security input to doctrinal and related publications.
  • Review and approve, or recommend senior leadership approval, of DoD, Joint, Inter-Service, or interagency security programs or proposals that impact Army equities.
Provide Oversight for Security Programs and Activities
  • Maintain knowledge of external actions that impact upon Security activities.
  • Review Security programs and procedures to ensure they are legal, appropriate, and relevant.
  • Provide responsive staff support to Security activities administering or executing Security program requirements.
  • Keep the leadership informed on issues that effect Army Security programs.
  • Establish priorities for Security program administration.
  • Conduct staff assistance visits to units and organizations to improve the effectiveness of their Security programs.
  • Provide oversight for selected Security programs and initiatives.
Represent Security Activities
  • Represent Security programs and activities in Army, DoD, Joint Service, and interagency for a to develop and implement security policy and influence or assist in developing DoD or National policy which impacts Army.
  • Represent Security programs and activities in Army, DoD, Joint Service, and interagency fora to develop or evaluate security plans and programs.
  • Represent Army Security policy in DoD, Joint Service, and Interagency fora to coordinate security guidance on operational activities that ensures maximum protection of classified and sensitive unclassified information and material consistent with operational requirements.
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