About Us

  • Develop, plan, manage, coordinate, and execute the Army SCI Policy Security Program
  • Army Program Manager for Scattered Castles Repository
  • Process request for all Army HCS Waivers
  • Action Officers for the establishment of AR 380-28
  • Attend monthly meetings hosted by the DNI and DIA in reference to policies and implementation guidance.
Working Groups
  • Physical Security & Technical Steering Expert Working Group (PTSEWG) - The IC is composed of 16 executive branch agencies and organizations who meet to discuss and review forthcoming policies and ongoing challenges as it relates to Physical Security requirements of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities.
  • Scattered Castles Executive Steering Group (SCESG) - The IC is composed of 16 executive branch agencies and organizations who meet to discuss changes and forthcoming policy to the Scattered Castles Repository. Their goal is to continue to provide a common, trusted repository of individuals' clearance and accesses, easily accessible by a controlled set of security professionals within the IC with a valid need to verify clearance and access information.
  • Access Control Working Group Intelligence Community Badge Interoperability Program (ACWG ICBIP) - Works closely with representatives of the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, and the National Reconnaissance Office and other agencies to achieve badge interoperability for government and contractor personnel working in those agencies. Badge interoperability facilitates information sharing and the mobility of personnel within the agencies of the Intelligence Community.
  • Counterintelligence and Security Policy Advisory Committee (CISPAC) formally named (Security Policy Advisory Group (SPAG)) - Comprised of senior IC staff officers, CI and security policy representatives and USD (I), serving as an informal forum for the consideration of proposed CI/security IC directives, policy guidance and standards as required by the revised ICD 700. Reviews policies from other functional areas (information assurance, human capital, etc.) to identify and address CI and security equities.
  • Sensitive Compartmented Information Policy Coordination Committee (SCIPCCOM) DIA hosted - Comprised of USD (I) and Military Departments’ Senior SCI security policy representative to discuss and make recommendations of SCI security policy and issues of mutual concern.

DNI, USD (I), Intelligence Community, All Army Staff Organizations, Army OGC/OTJAG, Army Commands (ACOMs), Army Service Component Commands (ASCCs), & Direct Reporting Units (DRUs)

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