Required Training

In accordance with Department of the Army, G-2 Memorandum, subject: Interim Policy for Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Program Management, dated 23 Mar 11

Special Security Officer
  • All personnel assigned to the position of SSO and or Assistant SSO (ASSO) will attend the DoD SCI Security Officials Course hosted by the Center of Development for Security Excellence (CDSE)/Defense Security Service (DSS) within 120 days of being appointed to these security duties. (Course information listed below)
  • SSO personnel are also required to take training in Personnel, Physical and Technical, and Information Security. The major organizations providing training are the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Defense Security Service.
Special Security Representatives
  • SSRs will be trained by their respective SSO within 30 days of assignment to the position and when possible, allowed attendance at DIA’s SCI Security Officials course as a security baseline.
  • SSOs will provide security training to subordinate commands for T-SCIF operations and further safeguarding of classified information during pre-deployment phase

DoD SCI Security Official Course (DIA)

Hosted by Center of Development for Security Excellence (CDSE)/DSS @ Linthicum, MD training facility

Mobile Five Day Training Course – available at unit’s request @ 

PS103.16 – Personnel Security Management Course
GS102.16 – Risk Management for DoD Security Programs Course

Unauthorized Disclosure Training

Annual mandatory requirement for personnel with access to SCI and should be used during the new employee orientation. This specific training meets the DNI'S requirement on Unauthorized Disclosure Training and Awareness.

Please visit: 

Click on Training:

Web Based Training Courses

Unauthorized Disclosure Web Based Training *Underneath this tab there are TWO training courses to be Launched
  1. Unauthorized Disclosure of Classified Information, duration: 30 minutes, Passing score for Exam/80%, Add name to Certificate, Print and provide a copy to the organization SSO.
  2. Unauthorized Disclosure of Classified Information Supplement for Security Professionals, duration: 20 minutes, Passing score for Exam/80%, Add name to Certificate, Print and provide a copy to the organization SSO.

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