• Prior to registration, candidates must contact their supervisor and adhere to internal operating procedures regarding participation. Candidates affiliated with the Army must also contact the Army SPeD Program Office to provide the following information: Name, Organization, email, phone, supervisor name/email at usarmy.pentagon.hqda-dcs-g-2.mbx.sped@mail.mil. Once this information is received by the Army SPeD PMO an approval for testing will be sent to the DSS Registrar's Office.

  • Request SPeD Certification participation via SPeD@dss.mil 

  • Update STEPP account through Defense Security Service Academy (DSSA) Web site: https://stepp.dss.mil/SelfRegistration/Login.aspx. Registration instructions are as follow: Log onto STEPP - https://enrol.dss.mil/selfregistration/ Under the catalog; click on "Certification Programs"; Click on "Security Professional Education Development; Click on "Security Fundamentals Professional Certification Assessment Placeholder (SPED030.SP); Click "Register" and highlight the radio button of the date, time and location that you wish to register for.

  • Once Candidate's status is confirmed with the Registrar's Office, the Candidate will be notified by e-mail of registration for Training Resource documents. Candidate can elect to review the training resource documents at http://www.dss.mil/seta/sped/diagnostic-tools.html or register for the SPeD Certification Assessment at https://enrol.dss.mil/selfregistration/

  • After registering for the Certification Assessment, candidates will receive e-mails from the Registrar's Office informing them their registration is pending approval. Candidates will also receive e-mail notifications from STEPP with links listing available test site centers.

  • Approval to take the test is granted from the Registrar's Office after the candidate:

    1. Select a test date/time and location from the DSS SPeD Test Site at http://www.dss.mil/seta/sped/test-sites.html.
    2. Contact the Registrar's Office via e-mail at SPeDCert.Registration@dss.mil with your requested test site location, date and time. Contact the Army SPeD Program Office to provide the following information: Name, Organization, email, phone, supervisor name/email at usarmy.pentagon.hqda-dcs-g-2.mbx.sped@mail.mil 

  • After receiving an approval e-mail from STEPP, candidates will receive further instructions from the Registrar's Office with a list of policies and guidelines from their preferred test location to take the SPeD Certification Assessment.

  • Candidates can then proceed to take the test at the scheduled site location.

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