SETA Material Development and Dissemination

A SETA program can be effective if the material is interesting and, most importantly, current. SETA materials should be specific enough so that personnel can integrate them into their jobs, but they can also be broad enough to cover several different security topics. Regardless of the approach taken, the amount of information should not overwhelm the audience.

Techniques for disseminating SETA material are, but not limited to:
  • Posters, “do and don’t lists,” or checklists
  • Screensavers and warning banners/messages
  • Newsletters
  • Agency wide e-mail messages
  • Videotapes
  • Web-based sessions
  • Computer-based sessions
  • Teleconferencing sessions
  • In-person, instructor-led sessions
  • Security Awareness Month, or similar event
  • Awards program (e.g., plaques, letters of appreciation)

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