Response to an LOI

If an applicant receives an LOI with SOR it is vital that they take action immediately. The SOR will list the exact reasons that need to be mitigated before the security clearance can be granted/reinstated. The SOR can be used as a road map to form an appeal and can assist in providing insight as to the types of documents that should be submitted in the appeal.

Applicant's are strongly recommended to use the SOR as a guide and to find and provide proof to mitigate every item in question. ALL CLAIMS MUST BE FULLY DOCUMENTED!

Example: Saying that a delinquent debt that is included on your credit report is an error is not as convincing as a letter from the creditor stating that the debt was reported in error and will be removed from the credit report.

The response to the LOI/SOR is forwarded from the member’s command directly to CCF. The documents, statements and command endorsements will be carefully weighed to determine if the SOR issues have been properly mitigated.

If the documents provided have successfully mitigated ALL issues listed on the SOR then the applicant’s security clearance eligibility will be granted and the process is concluded.

If the LOI appeal documents are not sufficient to mitigate ALL issues on the SOR, or the applicant fails to provide a response, then the applicant’s clearance eligibility or access will be denied or revoked and a Letter Of Determination will be issued.
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