Personnel Security Appeals Board (PSAB)

The purpose of the PSAB is to make the final decision on appeals of revocation or denial of security clearance eligibility/SCI access eligibility for Department of the Army military and civilian members, and DA contractors requiring eligibility for SCI access. The PSAB consists of three members, the Chairman, and two members (who are rotated on a monthly basis from a pool of available members).

If an applicant choose to make a direct written appeal to the PSAB, they will be required to provide any mitigating documents, statements, command endorsement, etc. directly to the PSAB within 30 calendar days of signing the Form 54 (NOIA).

The PSAB will review ALL documentation including the applicant’s appeal documents, the AJ’s recommendation and the historic case file provided by CCF. Based on all documents, the PSAB will make a final determination based on the whole person concept.

If the PSAB decides to overturn the CCF denial the clearance will be granted or reinstated. The PSAB may grant a “conditional” reinstatement whereby certain conditions will be placed on the appellant (and they will be subject to monitoring by their command for a one-year period) in order for them to retain their clearance.

If the PSAB decides to uphold the CCF decision (denial/revocation), then the appeal process will be concluded and the appellant will have to wait one year from the date of the final decision before their command can request a reconsideration.
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