Position Management and Classification

Guide to Classifying GS Positions in CIPMS and Implementation of CIPMS
Primary Grading Standard (PGS) for Supervisory/Managerial Positions

Table of Contents | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | References
Supervisory Positions | Non-Supervisory Positions | Appendix B | Appendix G

Table of Contents
Bullet Logo Chapter 1: General Guidance
  1. Purpose
  2. References
  3. Explanation of abbreviations and terms
  4. Background
Bullet Logo Chapter 2: System Components
  1. Standard (PGS)
    1. Structure
    2. Use
  2. Army Occupational Guides (AOGs)
    1. Structure
    2. Grade bands
    3. Development and Review
  3. Job descriptions
    1. Requirements
    2. Use in Testing
    3. Grade Bands
Bullet Logo Chapter 3: Classification Priniciples and Practices
  1. Pay Plan and Series Determination
    1. Pay Plan
    2. Series
  2. Title Determination
    1. Official title
    2. Other titles
  3. Grade Determination
    1. Factor Degree Descriptions
    2. Criteria for Assigning Points
    3. Conversion to grade level
    4. Borderline total point consideration
    5. Use of even grade levels in two-grade interval series
    6. Use of judgement
  4. Supervisory Positions
    1. Series determination
    2. Title determination
    3. Grade determination
    4. Grading of deputy positions
    5. Organizational grading structure
    6. Lead positions
    7. Coding of supervisory positions on personnel actions
  5. Mixed Positions
    1. General
    2. Difficult series determination
    3. Interdisciplinary or interfunctional positions
    4. Difficult grade determinations
    5. Supervisory/nonsupervisory mixed duties
    6. Job descriptions
  6. Senior level positions
  7. Impact of the person on the job
  8. Student trainee positions
    1. Coverage
    2. Classification

Bullet Logo Appendix A: CIPMS Primary Grading Standards
Bullet Logo Appendix B: Lead Positions (for one grade interval work)
Bullet Logo Appendix C: AOG for GS-080, Security Administration
Bullet Logo Appendix D: AOG for GS-132, Intelligence Specialists Series
Bullet Logo Appendix E: AOG for GS-1701/1712, Intelligence Education and Training
Bullet Logo Appendix F: Multi-Series Guide for Scientific and Technical Positions In Intelligence Production
Bullet Logo Appendix G: Guide for Grade-Band Classification within CIPMS Career Paths (The Guide for all non-supervisory positions not covered by a specific AOG)

Other Classification References