CATS Overview

The Army CATS portal is a collaborative tool established to provide CCF and security managers the ability to exchange information. Incorporating CAC authentication , SMs can submit Requests for Actions, conduct individual and bulk subject queries, and receive and send documentation to CCF.  

In order for the CATS portal to be effective, the JPAS security manager/SMO for a subject must be correct. Security Managers need to validate SMO data in JPAS and take ownership of subject’s JPAS record.    

Major CATS functionality:  

Subject Queries: The subject query functionality provides real time case tracking information. Multiple subject queries can be accomplished using the bulk query function.  

Requests for Action (RFA): The RFA functionality will be used in the same manner as the Research/Recertify/Upgrade (RRU) in the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS). Additionally, Security Management Office(s) (SMOs) can process Interim SCI, Expedite, CLP, PRP requests using this functionality.  

Notifications: Notifications in response to submitted RFIs, document transmissions, and case status changes will be sent from the CCF to the applicable Subject’s security manager/SMO.  

Correspondence: The CATS portal allows for CAF generated correspondence, such as LOI/SORs and Requests for Information, to be uploaded to the applicable security manager/SMO. In addition, security manager/SMOs can upload documentation to CCF, such as subject SOR rebuttals and requested documents. Email notifications are sent to a security manager/SMO after 7 days if the CAF generated correspondence has not be viewed.  

Upcoming features: Claim and Release Ownership of Subjects, Reconsiderations RFA, Supplemental Documents RFA, Incident Report Submission and Foreign Travel Documentation.

Account Registration
Complete the FM27 to request a CAC account. Send all requests and questions to the CATS Help Desk at

Current procedures for establishing a UIC in CATS is to complete the FM 27. All portal correspondence is sent to the TO UIC reflected in CATS. CCF also has the ability to generate correspondence to the THRU UIC (if any) associated to that same UIC. If the UIC reflected in the portal is not accurate, or correspondence generated from CCF does not belong to their UIC, security managers should notify CCF.

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