Roles & Responsibilities

OUSD(I) will:
  • Establish a special program code for WW investigations to ensure expedited and special handling by the investigating and adjudicating agencies.
  • Facilitate the availability of Defense industry vacancies by geographical location to the wounded warrior programs.
  • Provide assistance and guidance to component security personnel on how to facilitate and expedite the security clearance process and paperwork completion.
  • Provide security clearance policy exceptions and authority as necessary.
  • Report to USD(I) semi-annually the number of internships and permanent hires accomplished as a result of the WWP.
Component Wounded Warrior Programs will:
  • Maintain an active list of available program host agencies.
  • Refer appropriate candidates to the possible host activities.
  • Facilitate the introduction of host activities with prospective candidates.
  • Maintain a list of appropriate cleared Defense Industry positions to facilitate post internship hiring.
  • Coordinate placement of WWSIIP interns with appropriate DoD agency.
DoD Internship Sponsoring Agency will:
  • Provide component WWPs with job descriptions for available internships.
  • Work collaboratively with component WWPs to enable intern placement.
  • Assist warriors with the security application process.
  • Fund and expedite clearance processes as necessary.
  • Initiate/adjudicate investigation for security clearance.
  • Use appropriate direct hire authority to transition wounded warriors to permanent positions when possible.
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