Fact Sheet

What is it?

A federal form approved by OMB, which supports the implementation of the Financial Disclosure requirements outlined in EO 12968, Access to Classified Information, as well as DoD implementation mandates. The SF-714 is made available via OPM’s e-QIP portal. The SF-714 is a financial disclosure form requests financial information concerning the designated employee, their spouse and any dependant children.  

Why is it important?

The espionage cases of Aldrich Ames and Robert Hansen provide good examples of the importance of examining the financial status of cleared personnel. The SF-714 was designed to detect unexplained affluence, the SF-714 is a tool that assists in espionage prevention, deterrence and detection.  

Who is required to file?

As mandated in Executive Order 12968, all employees with regular access to especially sensitive classified information are required to file the SF-714. Especially sensitive information includes Information about: the identity of covert agents; intelligence collection and processing systems; certain cryptographic systems and equipment; certain special access programs; and some nuclear weapons design information. Within the Department of Defense, full implementation is required by December 31, 2012.  

How is the Army planning to implement the SF-714 requirement?

A phased implementation is planned to begin in 2nd Quarter FY 11 and will include certain INSCOM activities. Implementation will expand to other Commands, until full implementation is completed.
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