Investigation Types

National Agency Check (NAC) - An integral part of all background investigations, the NAC consists of searches of OPM‘s Security/Suitability Investigations Index (SII); the Defense Clearance and Investigations Index (DCII); the FBI Identification Division's name and fingerprint files, and other files or indices when necessary.

National Agency Check and Inquiries (NACI) - This is the basic and minimum investigation required on all new Federal employees. It consists of a NAC with written inquiries and searches of records covering specific areas of a person's background during the past five years. Those inquiries are sent to current and past employers, schools attended, references, and local law enforcement authorities.

Access NACI (ANACI) - This is a new investigation designed as the required initial investigation for Federal employees who will need access to classified national security information at the Confidential or Secret level. The ANACI includes NACI and Credit coverage with additional local law enforcement agency checks.

NAC with Local Agency Check and Credit (NACLC) - This is a new investigation which is the same as the ANACI without the written inquiries to past employers, schools attended, etc. It is designed as the initial investigation for contractors at the Confidential and Secret national security access levels. The NACLC also is to be used to meet the reinvestigation requirement for all individuals (including contractors) who have Confidential or Secret clearances.

Background Investigation (BI) - This is a more in depth version of the LBI since the personal investigation coverage is the most recent five to seven years. This investigation is required of those going into highest risk public trust positions (Level 6).

Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) - This is the government-wide investigation required of those who need access to Top Secret classified national security information. This background investigation covers the past seven years of the subject's activities (or to age 18, whichever is less). It includes verification of citizenship and date and place of birth, and well as national agency records checks on the subject‘s spouse or cohabitant, interviews with selected references and former spouses.

SSBI-Periodic Reinvestigation (SSBI-PR) - This is the required five year update investigation for those who have Top Secret security clearances. It consists of personal investigative coverage of employments and residences since the previous investigation, including interviews with all former spouses divorced during the coverage period. A search of the Treasury Department's financial d
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