Award Criteria

Army civilian employees and military personnel performing HQDA, ODCS, G-2 security functions in one or more of the following Army security programs are eligible:
  • Information Security;
  • Industrial Security; Personnel Security;
  • Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI);
  • Information Assurance (IA) personnel who are performing Information Systems Security Officer and/or IA security-related functions in support of the Army SCI program;
  • Communications Security (COMSEC);
  • Research and Technology Protection (RTP);
  • Foreign Disclosure;
  • Special Access Program (SAP);
  • Security Education, Training and Awareness (SETA)
    ** Security professionals in other fields outside of the G-2 security program cognizance may be considered on a case by case basis.
NOTE: Personnel assigned or attached to HQDA, ODCS, G-2 are ineligible for this award.

Nominations will be rated against the following criteria:
  • Measurable and Significant Benefits - Modification of processes/procedures that result in substantial cost/time savings; partnership with other agencies/organizations to improve overall security program(s); save time/money; customer satisfaction, etc.
  • Innovation and Creativity - A high degree of innovation or creativity; the use of new partnerships; creative use of technology; completely new way of interacting with customers or other agencies to streamline security processes and/or procedures, etc.
  • Transferability - The degree to which the innovation may be successfully replicated by other Army security offices and organizations.
  • Customer Involvement - Contribution to an increased customer understanding of Army security policy and requirements.
  • Leadership - Implementation factors such as leadership, risk management, stakeholder alignment; initiatives that are truly innovative and unique. Sufficient time must have passed since implementation of the initiative to allow substantive evaluation of the success of the effort.
  • Enthusiasm - Exhibits enthusiasm in promoting security principles and uses to address and/or overcome obstacles; serves as a role model to other security professionals within the community.
  • Commitment - Demonstrates a strong commitment to Army security program excellence, e.g., mentors other security professionals; implements/monitors an aggressive customer feedback system to determine security program shortfalls/ success; or uses extraordinary, unique, and effective methods to market the Command security program.
**This award is not meant as "end-of-career" recognition. Although the recipients may have demonstrated leadership throughout his or her career, this award is designed primarily to recognize those who have done an extraordinary job of leader and/or developing innovative ideas to further HQDA, ODCS, G-2 Security programs and program requirements.

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