Nomination Procedure

A call for nominations will begin on 1 December with a deadline of 1 March 2014. Commanders, Senior Intelligence Officers (SIO) and Directors of Security of ACOMs/ASCCs/DRUs may forward a nomination packet to HQDA, ODCS, G-2 (DAMI-CDS/SETA). Subordinate Commands should forward nominations through their higher headquarters. Posthumous nominations are not eligible. The Selection Committee will submit final recommendations through the Director, Counterintelligence, Human Intelligence, Foreign Disclosure and Security Directorate to the HQDA, DCS, G-2 for review and approval. Award presentation will occur during the month of April annually.

When completing the nomination form, provide the Selection Committee with the most useful information about your nominee. Use plain language to describe your nominee's achievements, providing only relevant facts and staying within the recommended one page limit for describing activities. Every attempt should be made to keep the nomination and supporting documentation unclassified. Carefully consider the criteria for the award (quality of service, innovation, leadership) and relate these to your nominee's achievements. All information provided is for the exclusive use of the HQDA, ODCS, G-2 Selection Committee. Nomination forms must be entirely completed with a valid mailing address, telephone number and email address for the nominator. If you require assistance completing your nomination form, send an email to Nominations forms and instructions can be downloaded from the G-2 Security Education, Training and Awareness (SETA) website: .

Where To Send Nomination Papers
Mail, fax or email signed and dated unclassified nomination forms and supporting documentation to:

    Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff (ODCS), G-2
    Counterintelligence, Human Intelligence, Foreign Disclosure and Security
    1000 Army Pentagon (2D350) (DAMI-CDS/ SETA Program)
    Washington, DC 20310-1000

    Unsecure Fax: 703-695-3142

Nominators will receive electronic acknowledgement of receipt of their submission.

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