Adjudicative Guidelines for Determining Eligibility for Access Classified Information and other Purposes, 24 Jun 2013

Policy Guidance- Implementation of DoD Standardized Investigation Request Procedures, 24 Aug 2011

HSPD-12 Directive 2011-08 (Implementation of HSPD-12), 26 May 2011

Background Investigations, 8 Mar 11

Implementation of Central Clearance Facility (CCF) Case Adjudication Tracking System (CATS) Portal, 10 Jan 2011

Centralized Submission of Background Investigations, 8 Sep 2010

Local Records Checks for Background Investigations, 11 May 2010

JPAS SMO Contact Information in JPAS, 15 Jul 2009

Army Personnel Security- Extension Timelines for Submission of Periodic Reinvestigations (PR), 9 Aug 2006

Reciprocal Recognition of Personnel Security Clearances, 20 Apr 2006

JPAS Procedures Update, 17 Oct 2005

Adjudicative Guidelines for Determining Eligibility for Classified Information, 2006


A Guide to Supervisors for Personnel Security Roles and Responsibilities

How to Receive and Maintain Your Security Clearance

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