Individuals may only have access to classified information if they are determined to be trustworthy and granting access to that information is in the best interest of the U.S. Government.

No classified information shall be accessed or disseminated until the following can be verified:
  • Need-to-know
  • Clearance Level
  • Classified Information Non- Disclosure Agreement , SF 312 is executed
Key points to remember prior to discussing or transferring classified outside the agency:
  • Never assume someone has a clearance. Verification of clearance level and access must be made. Simply asking someone if they are cleared is not acceptable.
  • Ensure the individual has a need-to-know in conjunction with official duties.
  • Ensure individual has the ability to properly store classified materials if necessary.
Go to the training tab on this webpage for resources offered through the Defense Security Service Academy (DSSA) concerning the Need-to-know requirement

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