Derivative Classification

Derivative Classification is defined as the incorporating, paraphrasing, restating, or generating in new form, information that is already classified.

Persons who apply derivative classification will:
  1. Observe and respect original classification decisions;

  2. Carry forward to any newly created documents the pertinent classification markings. For information derivatively classified based upon multiple sources, the derivative classifier shall carry forward:

  3. The date or event for declassification that corresponds to the longest period of classification among the sources;

    A listing of these sources on or attached to the official file or record copy.

  4. Follow DoD Manual 5200.01, V2, Marking Information to properly annotat the classification block on a derivative classified document

**DoD Manual V1 and 3 requires those that apply derivative classification will receive training currently, once every 2 years” This requirement will change to annually in 2019.**

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