Marking is the principal means of informing holders of classified and sensitive information of its classification/ sensitivity level and protection requirements. Within the Department of the Army, classified and sensitive material will be identified clearly by marking, designation, electronic labeling, or if physical marking of the medium is not possible, by some other means of notification.

Marking serves the purpose of:
  • Alerts holders to the presence of classified and sensitive information.
  • Identifies, as specifically as possible and feasible, the exact information needing protection.
  • Indicates the level of classification/sensitivity assigned to the information.
  • Provides guidance on downgrading (if any) and declassification.
  • Gives information on the source(s) and reason(s) for classification of the information.
  • Warns holders of special access, control, dissemination, or safeguarding requirements.
  • DoDM 5200.01 Volume 2 Marking of Classified Information, provides for the correct marking of classified information DoD wide. AR 380-5 will be updated to reflect the new marking standard.
DoDM 5200.01 Volume 2, Marking of Classified Documents

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