Security Review (pre-publication review)

DoD 5230-09, Clearance of DoD Information for Public Release, requires that a security and policy review shall be performed on all official DoD information intended for public release that pertains to military matters, national security issues, or subjects of significant concern to the Department of Defense.

What is a security and policy review?
A security and policy review, or pre-publication review, is the process by which information proposed for public release is examined to ensure compliance with DoD and national policies and to determine that it contains no classified, controlled unclassified, or export-controlled information.

AR 360-1, The Army Public Affairs Office Program, Chapter 5, lists the types of information that require not only Army but Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD)-Ievel review.

Public Affairs Officers and Security professionals shall be familiar with the below directives, regulatory requirements, and the process of submitting requests for review to ensure information is protected and not inadvertently disclosed to the public. * Pre-Publication FAQ Pamphlet for printing and distribution purposes

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