Classified information will be declassified as soon as it no longer meets the standards of classification in accordance with DoD and Army policy. It is important to know that declassification does not authorize release of the information to the public. The authority to declassify resides with the OCA for that information and those appointed as declassification authorities.

Declassification Process
  1. OCA process. Requires the originator of the information to decide at the time information is classified when it may be declassified
  2. Automatic Declassification. The process in which information of permanent historical value is automatically declassified at 25 years from the date of origin, unless specific action is taken to keep it classified.
  3. Mandatory Declassification Review. A process for reviewing information for possible declassification upon request.
  4. Systematic. The process of reviewing classified information for possible declassification.

*Refer to AR 380-5, Chapter 3 for information related to the Army Declassification Program

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