Classification Management Overview

Original classification is the initial determination by an Original Classification Authority (OCA) that an item of information could be expected to cause damage to national security if subjected to unauthorized disclosure.

Damage to the national security means harm to the national defense or foreign relations of the United States from the unauthorized disclosure of the information, to include the sensitivity, value, and utility of that information. It includes military operations in support of national objectives when those operations involve information that meets the criteria of classification.

This decision will be made only by persons specifically authorized in writing to do so; have received training in the exercise of this authority, and have program or program support responsibility or cognizance over the information. The decision to originally classify must be made based on the requirements of AR 380-5, Department of the Army Information Security Program. Delegations of original classification authority will be limited to the minimum required and only to officials who have a demonstrable and continuing need to exercise it.

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