Classified information shall be secured under conditions adequate to deter and detect access by unauthorized persons.

AR 380-5 outlines acceptable storage requirements to be used for classification levels (e.g., Top Secret, Secret, Confidential). This includes:
  • Construction standards for open storage and secure rooms
  • Information on approved GSA containers
  • GSA Federal Supply Schedule establishes and publishes minimum standards, specifications, and supply schedules for containers, vault doors, modular vaults, alarm systems, and associated security devices suitable for storing and protecting classified information. Any new procurements will follow the GSA standards.

  • The DoD Lock Program is designated as the DoD technical authority for locking and storage systems used for the protection of classified information. It is recommended you visit their website for product listings and standards.

  • Combination locks on vault doors, secure rooms, and security containers protecting classified information shall conform to Federal Specification FF-L-2740. Also found under the DoD Lock Programs website.

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