Classified Reproduction

Commands shall establish controls to ensure that reproduction of classified information is kept at a minimum and consistent with mission requirements. Other considerations include:
  • Only utilizing approved/designated equipment to reproduce levels of classified. Equipment must be marked at the applicable level (e.g., Top Secret, Secret, Confidential)

  • Personnel doing the reproduction are aware of the risks involved with the specific reproduction equipment and the appropriate countermeasures they are required to take.

  • Reproduced material is placed under the same accountability and control requirements as apply to the original material ( available safes, vaults, etc.)

  • Waste products generated during reproduction are properly protected and disposed of IAW regulatory guidance.

  • Special consideration and planning must be taken for Non-COMSEC processing equipment such as copiers, facsimiles machines, printers, etc. as they make use of embedded hard-drives or other media that may retain residual classified or sensitive information. Refer to AR 25-2, Information Assurance, para 4-32 to read more about those risks and protection measures concerning peripheral devices.

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