Classified Transmission/Transportation

Standards of approved methods of transmission/transportation of classified materials can be found in AR 380-5, Chapter 8, except for COMSEC which is covered under AR 380-40* and must meet NSA/CSS standards. Close attention must be made as standards are not all-encompassing as it relates to level of classification and/or transmission to foreign government entities.

Before transmitting any classified material, the sender must ensure that the recipient has the appropriate access authorization or clearance, has any required programmatic or special access approval, and meets the need-to-know

Transportation/Transmission methods include:
  • Defense Courier Service
  • Hand-carrying (authorized courier)
  • Registered mail- Secret and below
  • Fascimile
  • Secure Telephone
  • Electronic messaging (email)
Preparation of Material

Classified material going outside an agency must be properly packaged. Refer to AR 380-5, Chapter 8-9 for packaging instruction standards.

Refer to the training tab on this webpage for valuable training resources related to packaging

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